Our work must add meaning to brands, to people, and to our own lives.

Bureau Estrée is a Parisian Brand Lab.


We believe


We take the time to understand the specific needs of our clients. As brand guardians, we are ambitious and passionate about your business. We believe:

  • Art helps brands
  • Truth is the most valuable marketing story 
  • You, our customers, are the priority of everything we do

We care about success, creativity, and integrity.

Our Story

In Middle Ages The Estrée was a royal road leading to Paris, it brought people from far and wide to the City of Lights. As a Parisian company, we at Bureau Estrée hope to be that same royal road that leads you and your company to success.

Bureau Estrée is a Parisian Brand Lab. We are an inter-disciplinary team of business professionals and marketing specialists. We are Parisians with international experience in Asia, Middle East, South America and USA, offering our expertise in the Luxury Industry.

Bureau Estrée believes that a Parisian foundation, combined with international knowledge, is the path to opening and invigorating new markets. Our headquarters are based in Paris, but our team will work with you anywhere-- New York – Miami – Tokyo – London – São Paulo – Dubai – New Delhi. The world is your oyster, let us help you explore.