Our clients are on a journey, we help them get there.

Bureau Estrée is a Parisian Brand Lab.


We create stories that people want to know about, and companies want to share. 

Marketing & Strategy


Brand Strategy & Positioning - design insightful and measurable strategy that make your brand stands out and responds to the client need. 

Digital Strategy - engage with the consumer and create a distinctive brand experience.

Partnerships & Celebrities - develop alliances with the right brands including cobranding. Identify international and local Brand Ambassadors.

Project Management - drive complex and international projects including 360° management  and cross functional teams.

Communication Campaign - create a media campaign to reach your clients and develop brand awareness. 

Storytelling - craft compelling brand stories to intrigue, engage and connect emotionally with consumers.

Creative Direction - develop a product or a collection from colour harmony to final packaging. Build inspiring concept, scenography and artistic direction for VIP event.





Disruptive Innovation & Strategic Canvas - identify the key drivers in the industry to create a new market space. Reinvent your offer according to what matters to your client.

Experience Definition - create a seamless brand experience for your client. 

New Product Development Pipeline - nourish your innovation pipeline and evaluate the successful solutions.

Creative Workshops - animate and lead innovative workshops using the latest innovation methods.

Trends - identify the latest trends in Design, Art, luxury and Digital. Organise field visits and retail tours in Paris with exclusive access.